Clientships with freedom

Our None Lock in contract gives you the freedom to cancel for free but the piece of mind to get results hassle free. Our members have access to our mobile app giving them easy access to the club.

Pay in full

Our Payed in advance option can take away the direct debits and worrying about weekly payments. You will receive all the same features and we will remind you when your Clientship is due in advance so you wont have to worry at all.


With our popular day passes, 3 day passes, 7 day passes, 14 day passes, 28 day passes, you can sign up to the gym on a short term Clientship with all the same benefits like 24/7 access and access to Client  add-ons.

Seniors Program 

Our Seniors program is for any one wanting a light work out to maintain strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and general health and well being along with finding a great bunch of welcoming like minded people to have a great time with well you keep fit. 

Small group Clientship

Our small group sessions Membership is for any one wanting to have help from a trainer in a small group environment with out the expensive price tag. with a minimal of 3 booked sessions with a trainer and a maximum of 6 booked sessions per week. Accountability and motivation will help get you the results you desire.

Clients Add-Ons

Clients can purchase add-ons such as session passes, Personal training, Programs, Program Consultations and more.


Try out the gym today with our no obligation trial.