Our Classes are small and personal but don't get it twisted. We can kick ares with the best of them. We offer High Intensity classes will have you on your knees every time, Our strength session will have the most seasoned body builders begging for mercy, Don't believe me CHALLENGE EXCEPTED! Our Cross training class is a full on full body thorough work out. On the other hand our trainers are seasoned professionals and have the ability to control the level of any class to cater to near any ones current fitness level and ability. So don't be scared ''dive'' in, We are no joke when it comes to our offers you will not be disappointing. 

Our Seniors Program is designed to build Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Cardiovascular health and fitness, Mobility and above all a great social environment to meet like minded people and help you live a fuller more active life style. Exercises are tailed for all fitness levels so no one misses out.